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  • The development of corundum mullite bricks should be timely adjustment to the development of high-quality management, improve the use of the steel industry and increase the number of uses, and improve the future development of corundum mullite brick refra

  • The manufacturing process of high alumina bricks is mainly to select aggregate particles and bonded matrix in different high temperature use conditions; for selected aggregate particles and bonded substrates, it is mainly considered to be suitable for spe

  • Before using fused zirconia corundum bricks, you need to first understand the following factors: (1) The life of the pool furnace; (2) Glass quality requirements; (3) The production capacity, that is, the melting rate and the melting temperature, (

  • Silica bricks are acidic refractories composed of tridymite, cristobalite, and a small amount of residual quartz and glass phases. The silica content is 94% or more. The true density is 2.35g/cm3. With acid slag corrosion resistance. Higher high temperatu

  • Since the fused zirconium corundum brick has more chain-like zirconia crystals and a lower glass phase content, the corrosion resistance of the fused zirconium corundum brick is further enhanced, so it is suitable for the glass liquid flow rate or the tem

  • The cast corundum brick is αAl2O3, rhombohedron or plate crystal, the true density is 3000~4000kg/m3, the melting point is 2050°C, the Mohs hardness is 9. It shrinks 25% when crystallized, the apparent porosity is 10%-12%, and the bulk density is 3000- 3

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