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Melting and casting method of fused zirconium corundum brick


Since the fused zirconium corundum brick has more chain-like zirconia crystals and a lower glass phase content, the corrosion resistance of the fused zirconium corundum brick is further enhanced, so it is suitable for the glass liquid flow rate or the temperature is relatively high. High area.

After the casting batch material reaches the casting standard after the melting and refining stages in the electric arc furnace, the operation of pouring the molten liquid directly from the electric furnace into the mold is called casting. Although this process is short-lived, each step is related to the quality of the final product and is a complex process stage. Here are just a few of the common casting methods commonly used in China's fused cast materials:
1. Ordinary casting method (code: China PT, Corning, Asahi, Toshiba RC, Xipu RN): The casting is cast by ordinary riser, and the riser is removed in the hot state. The section is divided into two parts, one part first Curing, fine crystallizing, the area accounts for 40%-50% of the thickness of the casting, and the other part is post-cured, and there are shrinkage holes and coarse crystals. The bricks cast by this method are cheaper, and are mostly used for the upper structure of the kiln, clarifying the wall of the pool, and the like.
2. Inclined casting method (code: China QX, Corning TA, Asahi TC, Toshiba TCL, Xipu RO): The inclined casting method is to cast the mold at an angle before casting, and put the riser at one end of the mold. Casting, so that a dense area can be obtained in the T part, and a higher precision can be obtained in the T direction by using a common mold. Therefore, when the wall of the pool is built with such a casting, the height can be utilized.
3.No shrinkage casting (code: China WS, Corning VF, Asahi VF, Toshiba DCL, casting, the shrinkage hole is concentrated in a certain area, after annealing, he is cut off with a diamond saw, the remaining useful parts are even, tissue Dense, the average bulk density is close to the theoretical density; the other is the cutting leg method: from the reduction of the cutting area, the casting is cast into an "L" shape, so that most of the shrinkage holes are concentrated in the "L" smaller legs. Above, this leg volume accounts for 60% of the total volume of the casting. The entire casting is buried in the insulation material during annealing and is kept inclined to promote the concentration of the shrinkage holes to the legs. This process is costly due to cutting - the cost of cutting the diamond saw is generally Both are higher than the price of the casting body, so it is only used in individual cases.

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