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Fused Cast AZS TY-AZS41

  • Bulk density g/cm3: ≥4.00
  • Apparent Porosity %: ≤1.2
  • Cold Crushing Strength Mpa: ≥300
  • Exudation Temperature of Glass Phase: ≥1410
  • Bubble Separation Ratio(1300℃×10h): ≤1.0
  • Anti-corrosion rate of glass liquid 1500℃×36h (mm/24h)%: ≤1.2
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  • Fused Cast AZS TY-AZS41
  • Fused cast azs brick
  • Fused cast azs brick
  • Fused cast azs brick
■ Feature
♦ Compact microstructure
♦ Good erosion resistibility to molten glass
♦ Good thermal shock resistibility
♦ Barely rendering blister

TY- AZS41 Shapes and sizes:

This product is available in a large size straight or approximate bricks and special formats and shapes which are available for special machining processes.


Mainly used for sidewalls, doghouses, throat, bottom budding, Dam blocks, electric block corners.

Fused Cast AZS are the most widely used materials both in glass contact and superstructure of glass melting furnaces.
The products have passed the ISO international certified, are made of high pure material, fired at high temperature by advanced technology, with the advantages of high strength, high compression resistance, good thermal shock resistance, good performance in high temperature, good thermal conductivity, good erosion resistance and so on. Widely be used for linings of furnace in industries.

■ Technical Data
Item Behaviors
Chemical Composition Al2O3 ≥45.00
  ZrO2 ≥40.50
  SiO2 ≤13.00
  Na2O+K2O ≤1.30
Bulk density g/cm3 ≥4.00
Apparent Porosity % ≤1.2
Cold Crushing Strength Mpa ≥300
Exudation Temperature of Glass Phase ≥1410
Bubble Separation Ratio(1300℃×10h) ≤1.0
Anti-corrosion rate of glass liquid 1500℃×36h (mm/24h)% ≤1.2
Apparent density (g/cm3) PT(RN RC N) ≥3.70
  ZWS(RR EVF EC ENC) ≥3.90
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