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Sunrise Refractory Hot-Selling Corundum Refractory Brick


The manufacturing process of high alumina bricks is mainly to select aggregate particles and bonded matrix in different high temperature use conditions; for selected aggregate particles and bonded substrates, it is mainly considered to be suitable for specific high temperature conditions. The pore size and porosity of the article used below. In order to obtain high-aluminum bricks and corundum refractory bricks with good high-temperature performance and thermal shock resistance, the following points should be achieved:
(1) Optimize the tissue structure through targeted, especially the tissue properties of the binding matrix.
(2) When combining with natural raw materials containing clay minerals, only those mullite needle-like crystals grown with aggregate particles can form a sufficiently high resistance in the case of forming a matrix having almost no glass phase. Thermal shock resistance at the same time gives good high temperature performance.
(3) When Al-O3 is used for recrystallization by α-corundum, it is necessary to use high-purity, easily-sintered fine-grained aluminum oxide to produce corundum refractory bricks with high temperature performance and thermal shock resistance. When α-Al2O3 is formed by the additive-added aluminum-oxygen product and recrystallized, excellent corundum refractory bricks can be obtained under favorable technical and economic conditions, and at this time, it is only required to be fired at a temperature of 1600 ° C or lower.
The refractory bricks shall be designed as a composite matrix of corundum refractory bricks according to the following process:
(1) A combination of natural raw materials containing high-quality clay minerals, some of which are added in the form of a slurry.
(2) When firing at 1700 ° C or higher, a corundum powder or lightly burned industrial alumina can be used to recrystallize a-A1203 to form a bonded matrix.
(3) When the firing temperature is much lower than 1700 ° C, a light burned alumina product with an additive can be used. α-A1203, recrystallized for binding.
In addition, the use of pre-synthesized bonded matrix components to make refractory bricks can improve the erosion resistance of refractory bricks.

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