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  • Fused Cast High Zirconia Block

    Fused cast high zirconia block is an important refractory in glass industrial, it can be used in a wide range of glass furnace, especially high quality and special glass furnace such as TVglass, Borosilicate glass, Alumina silicate glass, Halogen lighting

  • fused cast block

    Sand mold is a special mold used in casting technology which can make the molten raw material Form a fixed shape. As we know, fused cast series blocks is made through casting method which is melting the material into liquid, and then pouring the liquid ma

  • fused cast alumina block

    All of us has known that fused cast block is produced by casting method, but do you know what features during casting when produce fused cast blocks such as fused cast azs block, fused cast alumina block and fused cast high zirconia block ?

  • fused cast azs brick

    Fused cast AZS block is widely used in glass furnace, and it has excellent performance with proper property, such as high bulk density, low porosity, high refractoriness under load, high refractoriness, good cold crushing strength, etc.

  • fused cast azs brick

    Anti-corrosive property of fused cast azs brick means the ability to resist various kinds of corrosive medium corrosion and erosion under high temperature, such as slag, fuel, glass melting liquid, acid, alkali, electrolyte liquid and gaseous substances.

  • glass furnace

    Zhengzhou Sunrise Refractory Co., Ltd can provide fused cast blocks which have passed the ISO international certified. With reliable quality, competitive price and prompt delivery, Sunrise has established long-term business and cooperation relationship wi

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