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  • Everybody is not strange to electric melting block, however, as to its different clarification, some people can't tell the difference between them. Today we will mainly distinct two kinds of electric melting blocks which are fused cast AZS block and fuse

  • Casting technology is a method to manufacture fused cast azs brick, and there are several steps of casting, however, it has a close relationship with the casting temperature and casting speed which can determine the quality of fused cast azs brick.

  • fused cast azs brick

    The composition of fused cast AZS brick are baddeleyite, corundum, mullite, glass phase and pores. In order to reduce and eliminate residual thermal stress, products need to have a certain amount of glass phase which is as the absorbent for the thermal st

  • fused cast azs,fused cast azs block, fused cast alumina block, fused cast high zirconia block

    Casting speed directly determines the casting time, and every fused cast block has its own best casting time. Unreasonable casting time can cause many defects in the casting.

  • fused cast azs

    In glass industry, quality of refractory materials has great significance of improving the quality of glass products, saving fuel, prolonging the service life and reducing the cost of glass production.

  • fused cast azs

    ZrO2 plays an important role in glass refractory and it is an important chemical composition of zircon related refractory, such as fused cast azs block, zircon brick, fused cast high zirconia brick and zircon mullite brick. ZrO2 is a white crystalline whi

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