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  • fused cast AZS bricks

    For fused cast AZS bricks, expansion is common. And it will have effect on the properties of the bricks.

  • Magnesia

    Magnesia is the collective name for the sintered products of magnesia materials such magnesite. It is an important material for producing refractory materials such as magnesia brick, magnesia alumina brick, ramming mass and fettling material.

  • Requirements on Stemming Used In Blast Furnaces

    The refractory materials that are used to plug the tapping holes are called stemming. In most small and medium blast furnaces, stemming used in the tapping hole is mainly composed of fire clay clinker particles, coke and asphalt, while stemming used in la

  • Alumina bubble brick

    With the development of science and technology, new hollow materials made of glass, ceramic and carbon are widely used in the many science industries.

  • High Alumina Bricks

    When constructing high alumina bricks, to ensure there is enough time to complete stirring, transportation and molding, the initial setting time of cement should not be too short. After the initial setting, the bricks still need to be baked.

  • Refractory Ramming Mass

    The refractory ramming mass is composed of a high proportion of granular materials and a low proportion of binder and other components. It should be constructed

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