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Analysis on the Formation of the Gap in Sunrise Refractory Glass Kiln


1. Grinding or building kiln

When the product is being processed and ground, the flatness of the machine bed surface can not meet the requirements after aging, which causes the product to face the middle E or be recessed. When pre-assembling, the gap is evenly adjusted up and down, and it seems that the gap is not large. During the construction of the kiln, the bottom of the product was elevated due to the error of the flatness of the foundation or the defect of the bottom of the product. In the final roasting kiln, the product expansion may not be shaped according to the homogenized gap, which may cause the gap at the bottom or upper part of the pool wall tile to increase significantly.
In a glass kiln, improper arrangement of Baokan bricks will also cause deformation of the kiln due to the impact of the liquid glass. Since the kiln bricks must withstand the impact of the liquid glass, the kiln should be adequate. Thickness and support. The support brick height needs to exceed 1/2 of the height of the kiln sill brick for more effective support. When the kiln brick is deformed by the impact of glass liquid, the gap between the brick and the brick will be widened.

3.Kiln deformation
In the temperature range of the kiln, the monoclinic phase of the zirconium component in the fused AZS brick changes to a tetragonal phase at 1100C. At this time, some volume changes will occur, and the temperature decrease when the temperature is unstable will be in the opposite direction Some volume changes occur. The reverse change in the volume of the zirconium component caused by this temperature fluctuation is the fundamental reason for the product to burst. When baking the kiln, it is usually set at 1100-a thermal insulation stage, so that the volume of the fused AZS brick is fully converted.

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