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Wholesaler and Windely Used of Fused Cast AZS Bricks


The Fused Cast AZS Bricks consists of eutectoids and glassy phases of corundum and zirconium aragonite. From the phase theory, it is the eutectoid of the corundum and zirconium phases, and the glass phase is filled between their crystals.

Fused cast AZS bricks are manufactured by fusing raw material and shaped in the mould. Then after further processes of cooling and burning, the fused cast AZS bricks are final produced.
Fused cast AZS bricks are the most widely used materials in glass industry furnaces. According to its different ZrO2 content, it can be classified as AZS 33, AZS 36, AZS 41, which basically defines their corrosion resistance and their applications.
While according to casting method, they can be classified with regular/normal (PT/RC/NC), oriented (TC/OC/QX), reduced cavity (ZWS/ENC/EC/RC), or without cavity – void free (WS/VF/FC).
The Fused Cast AZS Bricks manufacturing process combines the selected zircon sand and industrial alumina powder in a 1:1 ratio, plus a small amount of NaZO (added as sodium carbonate), B20: (added as boric acid or borax) flux, mixed Uniform, after being melted at 1900~2000°C and casted, Zr0233% fused cast bricks can be obtained. On this basis, using partially desiliconized zircon sand as raw material, 36%~41% fused cast bricks containing ZrO2 can be obtained.
Sunrise Refractory Fused zirconia corundum brick is mainly used in the glass industrial tank furnace, glass electric furnace, steel industry slides, brewing alkali industry furnaces and other high temperature resistant erosion resistant kiln refractory materials.

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