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Analysis of the types of Sunrise refractory hot-selling fused bricks


Fused Cast AZS bricks

Fused Cast AZS Refractory bricks products of AZS series of oxidation are made of qualified raw materials by using specially designed electric arch furnace and undergoing the casting process through long-arc melting furnace and oxidation. This kind of casting process hardly suffers any carbon pollution from the electrode
Due to the application of such casting technology and high-purity raw materials, AZS brick of oxidated electrocast zirconia-alumina products are possessed of special and high quality of erosion resistance of glass liquids. In addition, it has the minimal pollution to the glass.
AZS-33 bricks are excellent in preventing the pollution of glass liquids. The possibility of causing glass stones, bubbles and basic glass phase precipitation is quite slim. It can be applied to the upper structure of melting pool, the tank wall corner tiles,paving bricks and other approaches as well.
AZS-36 bricks are the standard Fused Cast AZS Refractory bricks brick which boasts of the quality of particularly high corrosion resistance of glass liquids and low pollution. More than that, it has a balanced performance in the above two aspects. It can be applied to the direct access of glass furnace and glass liquids, such as melting tank wall corner tiles, paving bricks and charging door.
AZS-41 bricks are the best oxidated zircon corundum brick which possesses the quality of highest corrosion resistance of glass liquids and excellent low pollution of glass liquids. It can be applied to the locations of glass furnace which requires particularly high corrosion endurance, such as full-fused furnace, liquid pumps, furnace ridge, bubbling brick and bricks of charging door corners.

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