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Do you know that refractories still have these classifications?


 According to whether it is stereotyped, we can classify refractory materials. According to the delivery shape of the product before delivery, it is divided into fixed products and amorphous products. All those who are called bricks are stereotyped products. All kinds of castables, make-up materials, ramming materials, fire mud, etc. are all amorphous products.


1. Shaped products can be divided into compact and insulated. Refractory bricks are compact products. Although concrete is a fixed delivery product, it is an amorphous product. According to the shape of the product, the shaped products can be divided into blocks (standard bricks, shaped bricks, etc.), special shapes, and fibrous (aluminum silicate, zirconia and boron carbide). .

2. Unshaped refractory is a new type of refractory material that is not calcined, and its refractoriness is not less than 1580 °C. The amorphous refractory material is composed of a mixture of refractory aggregates and powders, binders or admixtures, which can be used directly or with suitable liquids. Such as refractory mud, pouring materials and ramming materials.

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