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Production process of sunrise refractory AZS fused zirconium corundum brick


 Today, Zhengzhou sunrise Refractory Company will show you some production techniques for AZS fused zirconium corundum bricks.


1. Raw materials: raw materials such as alumina powder, zircon sand and desiliconized zirconium, and other raw materials. After acceptance, they will be put into storage for storage or pre-processed with raw materials.

2. The ratio of the computer is matched: after the raw material workshop is processed, the raw materials are matched according to different product requirements.

3. Melting process: Mainly in accordance with the requirements of the production plan, the fused fused zirconium corundum raw material is added to the automatically controlled electric arc furnace to be melted under the optimum conditions. The melting process uses a programmable computer program for automatic melt process control to provide sufficient and uniform melting.

4. Casting process: The molten material is injected into a specially designed product mold. A cast-molded electrofusion brick with a dense structure and good performance is produced. When cast with a suitably superheated melt, the shrinkage cavities of the cast zirconium-corundum bricks are concentrated, the thickness of the dense zone is increased, and the density of the entire article is also increased.

5. Insulation annealing process: The cast brick is slowly cooled, and the crystal of the prepared zirconium corundum brick is grown to form an optimal structure. Usually, it is annealed with an insulation box filled with diatomaceous earth and other insulation materials, or with a temperature-controlled electric resistance furnace or tunnel kiln according to a certain temperature system. The initial temperature and thermal insulation of the annealing have a significant effect on the annealing effect.

6. Removal process: The fused cast corundum brick after annealing is taken out from the cavity by equipment to carry out product inspection.

7. Processing procedure: Inspect the appearance defects, brick size and surface precision of the brick one by one, and carry out high-precision grinding processing according to the requirements of the user to ensure the size and surface precision of the brick. After processing, pre-assembly is carried out to ensure that the product size is packaged and shipped.


Then, according to the user's request, the computer-aided design is used to design the model that the customer needs, and then assembled, and the assembly process is completed.


The above is the introduction of Zhengzhou sunrise refractory material on the production process of AZS fused zirconium corundum brick. I hope that will help you. If you are interested in buying or understanding azs fused zirconia corundum bricks, please feel free to contact us.

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