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Sunrise Refractory High Quality And Hot Sales AZS Bricks


AZS Bricks, Alumina-Zirconia-Silica (AZS) refractories, belong to sintered ZrO2_Al2O3_SiO2 products family along with Zircon Mullite, Bonded AZS, Zirconia Corundum, and Rebonded Fused Mullite bricks. Sintered ZrO2-Al2O3_SiO2 products such as AZS have good resistance to alkali vapor and thermal shock. Mainly used in glass furnaces, they can withstand aggressive conditions in contact with molten glass. Typical applications are superstructures, skew blocks, wall bricks and upper-checker in regenerators, paving, sub-paving, and forehearth blocks in float glass furnaces. Rebonded Fused Mullite bricks (MFZ-6) are used as pure-oxygen burner blocks in alkali-free glass furnaces, crown blocks and arch blocks in ceramic frit furnaces, and areas of high temperature and high thermal stress in other industrial furnaces.

We offer complete line of sintered ZrO2_Al2O3_SiO2 Refractories - Bricks, Mortars, Castables at the most competitive prices, and we offer technical supports such as glass furnace design and installation consultation upon request.
We can produce AZS brick according to your specification or requirements. Special detailed bricks technical data sheet are avalible upon request.
Armed with our excellent products and services, Sunrise Refractories has distributed AZS refractories world wide.
Sunrise Refractories distributes AZS Bricks, Zirconia Bricks, Zircon Mullite Bricks, and other refractory bricks of the best quality at the most competitive prices worldwide.
Please send e mail to order AZS Bricks, Zirconia Bricks, Zircon Mullite Bricks, and other refractory bricks, and our fast, responsive customer service and reliable delivery service will save you time and money!

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