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Construction precautions of Sunrise refractory spray coating


 As a company specializing in the production of refractory materials, Zhengzhou Sunrise Refractory Materials has long provided customers with reliable quality and affordable products. For some customers, the use of refractory spray coatings is not very clear. Today we have prepared such an article for everyone to explain what problems need attention in spray coating construction.

1. The general requirements for spraying construction are:
(1) The sprayed coating of the specified thickness shall be completed continuously and the spraying shall not be interrupted.
(2) When metal anchors or steel meshes are provided in the spray coating layer, isolation measures shall be taken to protect them.
(3) When the spraying is interrupted, the original spray coating layer should be treated with seams (vertical cutting with the shell).
(4) Operators of spraying machines should be familiar with and master the essentials of operation, and only pass the training and examination to pass the job.
(5) When spraying, the operator of the spray gun should first adjust the water consumption of the nozzle water valve, so as to avoid the phenomenon of uneven mixing of the material and water affecting the quality of the spray coating. When the water is too much, the spray coating is easy to flow. When the water is too little, the rebound material will increase.

2, Zhengzhou Sunrise refractory spraying machine operation essentials:
(1) Inspection before trial operation of spraying machine. First, check each part of the host. When using a pneumatic motor sprayer, disassemble and inspect each part of the body including the feeding bowl, distribution plate, vibration shears, seal ring and friction plate. If it is found that the wear exceeds the allowable range, it should be replaced in time. When the installation is subsequently resumed, it should be lubricated.
If an electric motor sprayer is used, it should be checked: whether the installation position of the feeding hole of the material hole and the material hole of the rotating body are staggered and no foreign matter is required to fall in; whether the position of the changing material card is suitable for the spraying amount, and the card board should be Install flat and do not tilt; whether the contact surface between the rotating body, friction disc and friction plate and the inside of the discharge elbow are cleaned.
After the above work is completed, Sunrise Refractory recommends that you also check whether the connections and piping joints of all parts are tightened.
Second, ventilation inspections should be performed. For example, when using a pneumatic motor sprayer, start the operation first, then slowly open the air valve, and input compressed air to check whether the sealing part is sealed.
When using a spraying machine, the operator of the air compressor should be notified first to supply air, and the main control valve should be opened at the same time to check whether all air pipes, discharge elbows and pressure gauge joints on the air bag are leaking.
Adjust the friction plate pressure plate screws so that there is no air leakage between the friction plate and the friction plate.
After the main engine parts inspection and ventilation inspection are completed, after confirming that the machinery is intact, then all the mechanical organization of the spraying line will be linked and commissioned. After the operation is qualified, the test spray is started.
(2) Sunrise refractory spray gun operation methods:
1) All preparations should be checked before operation, including the safe working conditions of the operation site and the use of equipment. After confirming the readiness, contact the sprayer operator to start feeding and water.
2) Before formal spraying, test spray the spray gun first, adjust the ratio of material to water, and check the degree of uniform mixing, so that no dry material or flow appears on the spraying surface.
3) The spraying operation should generally be performed from top to bottom, the spraying direction should be perpendicular to the sprayed surface, and the distance between the nozzle and the sprayed surface should be about lm. During operation, the nozzle should be continuously moved in a spiral manner to make the coarse and fine particles evenly distributed.
4) Spraying shall be carried out continuously in sections, once to the designed thickness. If the inner lining is thick and needs to be sprayed layer by layer, the sub-layer should be sprayed before the initial spray coating. Rebound material attached to the support or the bottom of the pipeline should be removed in a timely manner.
5) If the construction is interrupted, the joint should be made straight to facilitate the connection of new and old materials. When re-spraying, it should be wet with spray water at the junction.
6) The thickness of the sprayed layer should be checked in time for refurbishment. If necessary, the material layer should be finished, but its surface must not be polished.

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