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Production process and evil precautions of sintered AZS brick



Select the raw materials that meet the requirements, and pre-synthesize and crush and classify some of the raw materials, according to the ingredients, process requirements and particle-level ingredients. Add appropriate binders to the ingredients, carry out mixing treatment, high pressure forming and high temperature sintering to produce AZS bricks that meet the requirements.


In this process, the use of the refractory material and the quality problems of existing sintered AZS bricks were improved in accordance with the modern large-scale float glass melting furnace.


The sintered AZS brick should have a relatively stable and uniform phase composition to avoid long-term stable reactions in the high-temperature glass solution under the action of the high-temperature glass solution for a long period of time. Therefore, it is necessary to strictly control the The performance indicators and crystal phase structure of the raw materials, the proportion of the ingredients and the particle size composition required for the ingredients make the product achieve satisfactory performance indicators and phase structure.


High density and strength are closely related to the corrosion resistance and high temperature performance of the product. In order to increase the density of the green body in the production process, it needs to be molded under a mechanical press of more than 650T and reasonably matched with the particle size composition to comprehensively promote the increase of density.


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