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Brief introduction of fire resistance of refractory bricks


The fire resistance of refractory bricks refers to the resistance of refractory bricks to high temperature without melting under no load. . The meaning of refractory is different from melting point. Refractory cannot be used as the temperature of refractory bricks. The basic factors that determine the refractory degree are the chemical mineral composition and distribution of the refractories. Various impurity components, especially those with strong flux effect, will seriously reduce the fire resistance of the product. Therefore, the main way to improve the fire resistance of refractory bricks is to take appropriate measures to ensure and improve the purity of the raw materials.


    What is the load softening temperature of refractory bricks? The data shows that the refractory brick products' resistance to high temperature and load at the same time under constant load is also an indication of the softening temperature range where the refractory bricks show obvious plastic deformation. It is an important high temperature mechanical performance index in engineering applications.


The high temperature load deformation temperature of refractory bricks is an important quality index, because it indicates to a certain extent that the product is in use with it.


Structural strength under similar conditions. The main factor determining the softening temperature of the load is the chemical-mineral composition of the product, which is also directly related to the production process of the product.


    The measurement of the softening temperature under load is generally pressurized at 0.2 MPa, compressed from the *** point of the sample expansion to 0.6% of its original height as the softening start temperature, 4% as the softening deformation temperature and 40% deformation temperature

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