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Common refractory brick uses and temperature:



Refractory bricks are refractory materials, a class of inorganic non-metallic materials with a fire resistance of not less than 1580 degrees. Refractory refers to the Celsius temperature of the refractory cone sample that resists high temperature without softening and melting without load.

1. The physical and chemical indexes, allowable deviations in size and cross-section spalling of external products of ordinary refractory clay bricks shall comply with the regulations. Ordinary refractory clay bricks are used for refractory masonry in general furnaces. Lining materials, furnace walls, furnace bottoms, flues, etc. are used below 1250 ° C. Combustion chamber parts are allowed to use above 1400 .

2. The physical and chemical indexes of high alumina bricks, product dimensions, allowable deviations, etc. shall comply with the regulations. High alumina bricks are used in high temperature and abrasion resistant areas of general furnaces or masonry, burner bricks and masonry with special requirements. The vault in the high temperature area of ​​the combustion chamber allows the use temperature of 1300 ~ 1650 .

3. The physical and chemical indexes of light clay bricks, the allowable deviation of product size, and the cross-section requirements of external products shall meet the specifications. Lightweight refractory clay bricks are used as furnace linings that are not affected by high temperature slag and aggressive gases. Depending on the capacity, the operating temperature is between 1150 and 1400 ° C.

4. The allowable deviation of the physical and chemical indicators of the light high-alumina bricks should conform to the specifications. Used for heat-resistant linings with a working temperature lower than 1350 ° C. It can also be used for masonry without high-temperature molten material erosion and scouring effects, which can directly contact the flame.

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