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Do you know this about the high temperature compressive strength of refractory materials?


When part of the crystal phase or each crystal phase in the refractory material melts or forms a melt at a high temperature, the strength tends to decrease sharply.

When the refractory material contains a certain amount of glass phase in addition to crystals, such as silica brick, clay brick and high alumina brick, the matrix is ​​mainly composed of glass phase. As the temperature increases, the strength of this multiphase material It also decreases due to changes in structure with temperature.

However, when the temperature is further increased, the viscosity of the glass phase is changed from brittleness to strong toughness, so that the bonding between the material particles is stronger, so that the strength is significantly improved. Then, when the temperature continues to increase, the melt viscosity of the product decreases sharply, and the strength decreases with the sharp decrease of the melt viscosity.

When the refractory contains a certain amount of binder that changes with temperature, the strength of the product must fluctuate correspondingly with increasing temperature.

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