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What are the advantages of high temperature refractory bricks?


High temperature refractory bricks can withstand high temperatures and even fire for a long time. But for the other advantages of high-temperature fire-resistant bricks, I don't think they are very well grasped. People will come and see what advantages it has.


First, low burning capacity. Many people will not be very familiar with this term. The key is to increase or decrease the temperature in a short period of time. The key is to reduce time and improve high efficiency.


Secondly, the heat transfer is very fast. This advantage means that it can save costs and costs, and encourage flexible use.


After that, it can reasonably resist the vibration caused by high fever. Thermal shock will occur when the temperature is too high, but it can be reasonably prevented by using high-temperature refractory bricks.


Third, security is more guaranteed.


High temperature refractory bricks adopt the entire process of applying various physics and oxidation, which will cause dissolution, damage, or cracks to cause harm. Therefore, the refractory brick must be integrated into the standard role in various work, and the composition and structure have a very close connection with the role. However, it must be noted that the allocation of refractory bricks for macroeconomic distribution is a key element in the application of hazardous effects, and the value of the action index can reflect the internal function of the refractory bricks. For example: display the detailed level of porosity, the relative density of the orange body, and the true density; indicate the characteristics of the vapor based on the permeability of the refractory bricks at a difficult level; indicate the characteristics of the linear expansion coefficient of a linear function for the refractory bricks , Heat transfer, thermal conductivity.


In addition, it shows the natural room temperature of mechanical equipment on the tensile strength of high-temperature refractory bricks, high-temperature compressive strength, compressive strength, high-temperature compressive strength of elastic mold distortion, high-temperature stress relaxation characteristics, etc .; develops high-temperature characteristics Fire resistance, high temperature load becomes soft, high temperature, high temperature volume reliability, thermal shock resistance and slag resistance. Therefore, the refractory bricks are more clearly visible from the hazards of physics and oxidation, and there are other levels of harm to its role.


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