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Introduce of Sunrise Refractory Fused Corundum Brick For Sale


 The raw material of sunrise refractory fused corundum brick for sale is fused corundum sand, and the forming method is sintering. The main mineral composition of corundum brick is corundum crystal phase, which has excellent physical properties such as high temperature resistance and chemical corrosion resistance. Widely used in petrochemical industry, steel mills, etc.

A refractory product having a alumina content of more than 90% and a corundum-based crystal phase. Very high room temperature compressive strength (up to 340MPa). High load softening onset temperature (greater than 1700 ° C). Very good chemical stability, strong resistance to acidic or alkaline slag, metal and glass. The thermal shock stability is related to its structure, and the corrosion resistance of the compact product is good, but the thermal shock stability is poor. Divided into sintered corundum brick and fused corundum brick. 
Sintered alumina and fused corundum can be used as raw materials or alumina clinker with high Al2O3/SiO2 ratio and sintered alumina can be prepared by sintering method. Phosphorus or other binders can also be used to make unfired corundum bricks. Mainly used in ironmaking blast furnace and blast furnace hot blast stove, steelmaking furnace outside refining furnace, sliding water, glass melting furnace and petrochemical industrial furnace.
Sunrise refractory fused corundum brick for sale is widely be used in many ways.
The sunrise refractory fused corundum brick for sale is mainly used for the key parts of industrial kiln that require wear resistance and high temperature resistance, such as steel rail-type metallurgical furnace slide rail brick, step-type heating furnace steel tapping tank, garbage incinerator lining, petrochemical industry. The lining of the industrial furnace, the bottom of the rolling mill, the secondary converter of the ammonia synthesis furnace.

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