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Insulation and fireproof mud for masonry effect of lightweight insulation brick


 Insulating and fireproof mud is a heavy and lightweight fire-resistant raw material, binder and admixture, and it is a special mud for building insulation refractory products. It is divided into two types of aluminum silicate and silicon.

       It is well known that the apparent porosity of the heat-insulating refractory products is more than 45%, that is, the water absorption rate is large. Laying with traditional fire-resistant mudstones results in poor spreadability and poor rubbing performance, and it is difficult to ensure the ash seams and is not full. The newly developed thermal insulation refractory slurry overcomes these shortcomings and guarantees good masonry quality.
       Insulating refractory slurries Selling materials: heavy materials are high bauxite clinker, clay clinker, silica bricks and semi-silicon bricks, etc.: Lightweight materials are all types of insulating brick powder, hollow ball, fly ash drift Beads and beads, etc.: The binder is mainly composed of aluminum dihydrogen phosphate, dextrin, water glass and polysaccharide starch, etc.; the admixtures are lignosulfonates, polyphosphates, etc.: The plasticizers are mainly made of soft clay, swelling agents. With kyanite and silica and so on.
       Insulating refractory mortar particle size distribution:> 0.5mm ≤ 2%, ≤ 0.074mm 50% ~ 70%: mix ratio of clay-based heat-resistant refractory mud: clay clinker powder 40%, clay-based insulating refractory brick powder 30 %, composite soft clay powder 30% and CMC 0.2%. The bonding time is about 80S, and the dry flexural bond strength is 0.5~0.7MPa: The mix ratio of high-aluminum heat-resistant refractory mud: bauxite clinker powder 35%, high alumina heat-insulating refractory brick powder 35% , Composite soft clay powder 22%, silica powder 5% and bentonite 3%, plus binders and additives. The bonding time is 97~110S, and the flexural strength after drying and 1100°C is 0.9MPa and 3.6MPa, respectively. The mixing ratio of alumina-containing thermal insulation mud is 20% for industrial alumina powder, and the high-alumina insulation fireproof Brick powder 58%, Guangdong mud and Suzhou mud 10% each, feldspar 2%, compound binder and admixture 6%, add water to mix, its chemical composition: Al2O3 57%, SiO2 29%, Fe2O3 0.45%, RO+R2O 1.74%, loss of 3.3%. Refractoriness >1790°C. The drying and tensile strength after firing at 1000°C were 0.26 MPa and 0.31 MPa, respectively.
       Insulating and fireproof mud contains light materials. When stirring, it should be mixed with water for 1⁄2 of the mixing time for a few minutes, and the remaining water should be mixed evenly. The total mixing time should not be less than 20 minutes. Mix the good slurry. Should be left to stand for 0.5h before use.

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