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What is the performance and use of high alumina bricks?


 Alumina content of more than 48% of a neutral refractory. By the bauxite or other high alumina content of the material by molding and calcined. High thermal stability, refractoriness above 1770 ℃. Better slag resistance. For masonry EAF, glass furnace, cement rotary kiln and other fabrics.

High load soft, low creep high alumina brick is a high-grade refractory made of premium alumina, fused corundum, fused mullite as the main material. The product has a high temperature creep small, strong corrosion resistance, thermal shock resistance and good long-term, suitable for large and medium-sized stove, it is China's new hot-blast stove required high-quality, high-grade imported refractory domestic pioneers Next The road to success, has been included in the national "Spark Program" project.
a, refractoriness
High alumina brick refractory than clay brick and half-brick refractory high, reaching 1750 ~ 1790 ℃, attributed to high-grade refractory materials.
b, load softening temperature
Because the high alumina content of Al2O3, less impurities, the formation of friable vitreous less, so the load softening temperature higher than the clay brick, but because of the formation of mullite mesh structure, so the load softening temperature is still no high silica brick.
c, slag resistance
Alumina Al2O3 brick more, close to the neutral refractory material, can resist the corrosion of acid and alkaline slag, because of the SiO2, so the ability to resist alkaline residue than acid residue ability weaker.
The use of high alumina bricks
Mainly used for masonry blast furnace, hot stove, electric stove roof, blast furnace, reflector furnace, rotary kiln lining. In addition, high alumina bricks are also widely used as hearth heat regenerative lattice bricks, plugs used in casting systems, nozzle bricks and so on. However, the price of high-alumina brick clay brick is high, so the clay brick to meet the requirements of the local do not have to use high-alumina brick.

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