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The rigidity of the refractory is optimized for the optimization of the refractory material of the corundum brick refractory


 Iron and steel production can not be separated from the fire-resistant information, not only because of the low-temperature production of iron and steel industry, the necessary refractory data as various types of smelting furnace, liquid metal containers, heating and disposal equipment, low temperature lining, as control of liquid metal transfer, Play a package of iron and steel production safe and feasible skills, and increasingly become the optimal growth of steel production and control of the leading role. For example: the function of refractory materials for continuous casting, restricting the growth of highly efficient continuous casting and near-end continuous casting furnaces; the function of the refractory with the filter, restricting the degree of molten steel; the function of the filter with refractory material, The degree of water development; filter with refractory information function, restricting the molten steel in the <50μm adulterated removal efficiency and so on.

Throughout the characteristics of steel production optimization growth, refractory information optimization and growth bias is "longer life, no pollution, efficacy."
(1) longer life
Continued progress in refractory data has been the application of steel production is the fundamental request. But with the iron and steel production, especially the steel production of the agility of the perfect and optimize the progress of such refractory application life requirements, not only from the number of purposes, but also from the request on the inside have a new, higher scale.
The application life of refractory data is really in three aspects: continuous application, repeated application and repairable. For example: to deal with the central package, continuous temperature measurement, rolling furnace with refractory information, tightly audited its continuous application of life; resistance to iron ladle, smelting furnace, ladle, precision furnace refractory data is tense repeated use of life; All kinds of refractory materials are expected to have a good repair, regeneration effect.
The optimization of the contemporary steel industry has also led to significant changes in the viewpoints of refractory life.
First of all, the purpose of the purpose of life has occurred in the past can not imagine the changes. For example, ladle life, from the past repeatedly applied to ten times, grow to hundreds of dollars. At the same time, due to continuous casting, the essence of the times and growth, each time should be time, ladle within the occupation of the molten steel as a whole is extended, but also to comply with all kinds of differences in metallurgical disposal efficacy request, the real life longer. The life of the central package, from the progress of homework rate, the stability of the whole process of continuous casting process and quality requirements to start, looking forward to a single central package for continuous application of life, no longer to calculate the furnace, and therefore hours of calculation. At present, many European steel mill central bag life reached 30-50h, the United States of America's steel mills nearly 100h. Furnace lining, furnace cover life has been the purpose of more than 1000 furnace. The converter lining life under the slag splash protection conditions, has progressed to a new grade, reached more than 10,000 furnace and even 30,000 furnace level. AOD Exquisite Furnace Lining Life The purpose of the ancestors must span 100 furnaces and so on.
Second, the longer the request, the content also has a new inner. Tension is surrounded by the following aspects of the request: ① life has been greatly improved refractory information, request supporting refractory data life to keep pace with it; ② in the layout plan to comply with the continuous application of the production conditions; Information on the basic conditions of life, the progress of repair information on the low-temperature function, to maintain the mother of refractory information doubled longevity; ④ in the material plan to be free of some senior refractory data repair regeneration, extending its application life. For example: continuous casting of the central package of water tank seat brick life to be synchronized with the lining life; and long nozzle, submerged nozzle will have to improve the layout to complete the rapid exchange; for continuous casting silicon, high aluminum content of steel, Infarct and stop the production, from the material and layout plan with anti-infarct effect of immersion nozzle; and converter lining refractory data only need to meet the most fundamental fire resistance and low temperature strength of the request, the crux of the longevity has been transformed into a good Slag splash layer adhesion (such as carbon and carbon brick carbon content swap) and research and development in the presence of splashing slag under the conditions, can effectively repair the furnace cap, large surface, trunnion and other lining weak key spray ; To deal with sliding water outlet should be opened to repair the skills and so on.
(2) no pollution
No pollution is a higher request for steel production, and the tension includes three crux of the request. First, the refractory data should have better low temperature characteristics (ie, long life), which means that the reduction of consumption, that is, to reduce the pollution of molten steel, followed; refractory materials and their joint agent to comply with the type of steel, The request for refractory materials in the whole process of steel production applications, The situation of pollution. For example: in the production orientation and non-oriented silicon steel, IF steel and other ultra-low carbon steel species should try to adopt very low carbon excellent refractory information, as soon as possible to reduce the volatile high resin joint refractory information; progress refractory data regeneration, And so repeated application of the effect, greatly reducing waste; continue to open up instead of chromium refractory information on the new refractory information.
 Of course, the iron and steel enterprises outside the refractory plant to value the production of refractory data in the prevention and control of pollution, to avoid the iron and steel enterprises to increase the source of pollution is also very tense.
 (3) functional
Effectiveness is the high-level new request for steel production optimization. The effectiveness of the method of performance for the satisfaction of further pollution of the new request for liquid steel and comply with some of the special requirements for the production of steel refining these two aspects.
 First, in order to ensure that the ultimate product of steel production - continuous casting slender clean progress of the request, not only to avoid the fire-resistant materials in the low-temperature molten steel flushing into the molten steel and chemical reaction of molten steel pollution, but also to complete further Pollution of the effectiveness of molten steel. Such as calcium oxide filter filter ≤ 50μm of the adulterated, further pollution of molten steel, high calcium magnesium, magnesium zirconium central package of fire-resistant data applications.
 Second, the steel production more and more requests for the implementation of the whole process of static monitoring and control (such as continuous temperature, furnace gas continuous analysis, continuous determination of the status of molten steel and signal transmission), under the conditions of electromagnetic metallurgy control (Such as H2O) submerged assembly of the application of the refractory information proposed by the refractory information on the conventional function of the new requirements (such as the non-infiltration of molten steel), the use of refractory materials, Sex, electromagnetic penetration, resistance to molten steel and water erosion, etc.) It is understood that universities and research institutes have studied the use of Mo-Mgo instead of expensive platinum = rhodium alloy to stop the temperature measurement, Sealing materials (high wear resistance and high electromagnetic permeability), electromagnetic steel bundled steel flow and so on. This aspect of the effectiveness of the request has just begun, with the growth of steel production will continue to put forward new functional requirements.

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