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What are the unique characteristics of zirconium corundum bricks?


All kinds of products on the market have their own unique advantages and products to be treated. So how much do you know about zirconium mullite bricks? Tianyang Refractory now gives a detailed introduction to the unique product features of the fused alumina bricks. Hiri brings some help to everyone.

Product raw materials
There are five kinds of raw materials for zirconium corundum refractory bricks: oxidation, zircon sand, zirconium-rich sand, soda ash, and sand.
1) The introduction of alumina is generally selected from industrial oxidation. The production requires that the water content should be less than 0.3%, the loss on ignition should be less than 15%, and about one ton of AZS-33 fused brick should be 0.62 tons.
2) Zircon sand is mainly introduced to dye AZS products, causing coarse crystal sand eyes and also affecting cracking. Therefore, the content should be less than 0.2%. The shadow castings will crack during the cooling process, and the oxidation process of the products will also be affected. The content should be less than 2%, and about 0.65 zircon sand should be required per ton of AZS-33 fused brick.
3) Zirconium-rich sand is also called desiliconization. The silica in AZS is all in the zircon, and the insufficient part is supplemented by zirconium-rich sand.
4) Sodium sulphate is introduced into sodium sulphate. As a fluxing agent for AZS bricks, two-stage products are generally used. One ton of AZS-33 fused bricks requires about 2Okg of pure city.
5) Borax is also a fluxing agent for AZS bricks. About one ton of borax is required for one ton of AZS-33 fused brick.
Application range
Zirconium corundum products are widely used in industrial furnaces of metallurgy, building materials, petroleum, chemical, ceramics, glass, pond porcelain, carbon black, non-ferrous metals, refractory materials and other industries.
The zirconium corundum brick is made of high-quality zirconium dioxide (ZrO2) and corundum clinker as raw materials. After kneading, molding and dry operation, it is fired in a shuttle kiln at high temperature. The zirconium brick product has compact crystal structure, high bulk density and large capacity, high mechanical strength at normal temperature and high temperature, good thermal shock stability, low reburning shrinkage and high temperature creep, and high chemical stability and resistance. Characteristics such as alkaline medium erosion.

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