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Method for hot repairing air storage chamber lattice body of fuel oil melting furnace


Disassemble from the expansion joint of the slope of the hot repair furnace, use an oxygen melting rod to cut a 60-80mm wide incision, prepare to lower the fire block or heat-resistant steel plate, and cut off the effect of the kiln flame on the heat storage chamber. . If it is a large partition (two small furnaces and a partition wall), two insulation water packs or steel plates need to be placed at the same time. The branch flue shutter of the small furnace to be repaired is dropped to reduce the influence on the repair.

Dismantle the heat preservation brick layer and door brick of the thermal storage room door, insert the exhaust pipe on the stove bar of the thermal storage room, cover the iron plate and lay it on the stove bar to prevent broken bricks from falling under the stove bar. The hot repair personnel cooled the grid and walls with water guns. If the grids and walls use magnesia bricks, water cooling is not allowed. Remove the bricks while removing the bricks and beat the bricks, and pay attention to protect the stove with iron plates.
After the grid body is removed, check the condition of the grate and wash the residual rust with water. Only the grit of high alumina bricks can be filled with water, and other water is not allowed to be washed. Build a new grid from the inside to the outside. At the same time, you can disassemble the lower door of the stove bar and pick up ash, but you must prevent the bricks from falling on the top to hurt people. After the grid body is finished, pull out the tube, iron plate, etc. .
After the ash is removed, the lower door of the furnace bar is completed, and the sluice paddle of the small furnace slope is pulled out, and it can be lifted upwards as many times as possible, usually within 24 hours. The site was cleared after the door was closed, and the hot repair was over. Slowly raise the branch flue shutters and gradually heat up to resume normal production.

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