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Introduction to the use of high alumina bricks and refractory bricks


We all know that refractory bricks are made of a special material. General bricks cannot withstand high temperatures, so we need to use this high-strength, high-temperature-resistant material as the masonry of various industrial furnaces. In industrial production, almost all high-temperature furnaces require the use of refractory bricks, such as glassworks, ironmaking, steelmaking, refining furnaces, electric furnaces and drying equipment, muffle furnaces, and so on. Let's introduce the specific uses of different types of refractory bricks: 1. The physical and chemical indexes, allowable deviations in size, and cross-section spalling of appearance products of ordinary fire-resistant sticky bricks shall comply with the specifications. Refractory masonry for furnaces. The lining material, furnace wall, furnace bottom, flue and other operating temperatures are below 1250 degrees. Combustion chamber parts are allowed to use above 1400 degrees. 2. The physical and chemical indexes, product dimensions, tolerances, etc. of high alumina bricks shall comply with the regulations. High alumina bricks are used in high temperature and abrasion resistant areas of general furnaces or masonry, burner bricks and masonry with special requirements. The vault in the high temperature area of ​​the combustion chamber allows a temperature of 1300 ~ 1650 degrees. 3. The physical and chemical indexes of light-weight clay bricks, the allowable deviation of product size, and the requirements of the cross-section of external products shall meet the specifications. Lightweight refractory clay bricks are used as linings of furnaces that are not affected by high temperature slag and aggressive gases. Depending on the capacity, they are used between 1150-1400.

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