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Quality requirements for electrofusion bricks for glass kiln


If the glass kiln wants to reach the design life or achieve the pollution of the glass solution, it is necessary to have a comprehensive understanding of the appearance quality and internal quality of the fused brick, to understand the performance of the fused brick, the weak points of the fused brick, and which parts can There are flaws and which parts must be perfect. The following is a brief introduction to the special parts of the wall section.

First, the appearance quality, corner bricks, kiln bricks, bubbling bricks, fluid-flowing bricks are generally 41#, and the gaps with the adjacent bricks are strictly required. The gap assembly accelerates the scouring of the brick solution and assembly. The gap requirement is not more than 0.5mm. The shrinkage hole is not allowed at the bottom of the brick. The surface pores larger than ¢2mm are not allowed to exceed twelve per cubic meter. The color of the brick body is yellowish in the white, and the bubbling and flowing liquid bricks are not allowed. There is a crack, and no sputum is allowed within 300 mm from the top of the wall portion. These requirements are critical and will not affect the life of the bricks.
Second, the internal quality, 1. Judging the impurities in the fused brick from the color of the brick body, or whether the carbon content is large, the carbon content of the large brick body is blue, and the brick strictly eliminates the use, which will double the service life of the kiln. 2. The surface of the brick body has a blocky blue phenomenon, and there is a high possibility that there is an iron block inside. The iron block is derived from the flat material in the production process or the iron brazing part falling off during the exhaust, and other factors. Bricks with this phenomenon should also be eliminated. 3. Compared with the glass, the glass phase should be strictly controlled. When the glass phase exceeds the standard, the precipitation of the glass phase at high temperature will reduce the service life of the furnace, and the second will contaminate the glass melt.
Third, the above briefly describes a few points, there are many factors that need attention, in fact, in the use of glass kiln, there will be some problems, these problems will have a large composition of brick quality, so the purchase of fused brick Be sure to have an understanding of the knowledge of fused bricks.
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