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What is the advantage of chrome corundum turning compared to corundum brick?


Compared with traditional corundum bricks, chrome corundum bricks have obvious advantages. So, what is the advantage of chrome corundum turning than corundum brick? Today, sunrise refractory will explain the reasons from the following aspects.

In the steel industry, the chrome corundum material has more than doubled the service life of corundum materials, such as ladle ventilated bricks; in the non-ferrous smelting industry, the wear resistance and erosion resistance of chrome corundum bricks are significantly better than other bricks.

In the carbon black industry, the use of chrome corundum bricks has doubled the life of corundum bricks used under the same conditions.

The ak-type chrome corundum brick produced by sunrise refractory is used in the carbon black reaction furnace of the carbon black plant, and its service life has exceeded that of corundum brick.

In the petrochemical industry, long-term high temperature (1350 ~ 1450 °c), high pressure (3.1 to 8.53 mpa), strong reducing atmosphere (co + h2 + ch4) and gas flow rate in gasifiers of large and medium-sized fertilizer plants large (about 10 m·s-1), the erosion and damage to the lining refractory material is more serious, so the lining refractory material is more demanding. High-performance corundum bricks have high density and high strength, and are more resistant to airflow than corundum bricks and have better wear resistance. The introduction of cr2o3 in corundum bricks changes the intrinsic quality of the products, so that the erosion resistance and permeability resistance of the bricks are significantly improved. The use of corundum bricks on the gasifier can improve the service life of the gasifier.

Our sunrise refractory factory committed to producing and manufacturing chrome corundum bricks for nearly two decades. If you are interested to chrome corundum bricks or have any question, welcome to connected with us.

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