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Refractory brick stacking technology


 1. Stacked separately according to different parts of the furnace;

2. Stacked separately according to the composition, specifications and dimensions of the refractory bricks;
3. Stacking according to the construction sequence, the refractory bricks of the construction site should be stacked as close as possible to the transportation line;
   4. The refractory bricks should be piled up neatly, and the bricks of the same refractory bricks are allowed to have only one incomplete bricks;
5. All refractory brick slabs shall be marked with fine marks to indicate the refractory brick type, brick number, main size and use position;
6. The width of the bristles between the refractory bricks: the entrance is not less than 600mm; the transportation lane is 2000 ~ 3000mm; the distance between the brick and the wall is not less than 500mm.
  The stacking of refractory bricks is required to be flush and stable, easy to find, access and transport. There are certain requirements for the palletizing of refractory bricks in the warehouse or construction site.
Standard refractory bricks, thick wedge refractory bricks, right angle refractory bricks, etc. have a single weight of less than 12Kg (calculated according to the density of refractory bricks), and 12 layers, 16 or 20 pieces are arranged by side alignment, and the height of 毎垛 is not more than 1.9. m.
Stacking right angle refractory bricks or shaped refractory bricks with a single weight above 12Kg. The pattern of the enamel and the number of each layer must be the same, and the height should not exceed 1.8m.
The bricks of standard refractory bricks are made up of 5 side bricks, and the four sets of side bricks are one side. That is, 20 layers of bricks. The brick height of the refractory brick is calculated in groups of 15 sides. The number of refractory bricks per brick is 300.
Bricks of refractory bricks can be laid flat or sideways. Individual bricks can be stacked according to different refractory brick specifications and sizes.
The stacking of refractory bricks and bricks must be carried out in addition to some special-shaped refractory bricks. The side-mounted bricks have less damage and are convenient to use. Regardless of the manner of stacking, the direction of the upper refractory bricks must be opposite to the direction of the lower refractory bricks in order to stabilize the bricks.

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