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Glass furnace refractory types of parts of the best match


 Refractory data as a glass furnace tension information, it has a decisive impact on the quality of glass, power consumption and product costs. The future of glass melting techniques depends to a certain extent on the improvement of manufacturing techniques of refractory materials and improvement of product quality.

Furnace layout of the glass furnace
In terms of large float line, the composition of the glass furnace on weekdays by the L-shaped hanging wall (weekdays application of silica bricks), melting Department (glass and liquid indirect warfare areas to apply fused brick, top of the application of silica bricks or electricity (Silica brick on weekdays), cooling cells (including silica gel or corundum) on the premises where cold warheads are to be directly contacted with the liquid glass, or silica or corundum is used in places where there is no direct war against the liquid glass, annealing furnaces, Regenerative chamber (made of high alumina brick, clay brick, indirect joint magnesia-chrome brick) and other departments.
Application of refractory brick furnace tension site and the variety of choices
1, top
Melting of the glass melting furnace and the cooling top (including the arch angle), these parts at a temperature of 1600 degrees Celsius, the application of these parts of the refractory material is required to be able to withstand low temperatures, load, but also suffer from alkali vapor and common Therefore, it is necessary that the refractory material used for the top has a high refractoriness, a high load hardening temperature and a good creep resistance as well as a small thermal conductivity. Refractory materials at a low temperature can not pollute the glass Liquid, the bulk density of the material should be smaller, low temperature strength and other characteristics. The high-performance high-purity silicon brick just has the above characteristics:
1, the load temperature near its refractory;
2, low temperature stability, high compressive strength;
3, because of the tension of SiO2, content> 96%, and tension elements constitute the same glass, so corrosion under the premise of low temperature does not contaminate the glass liquid;
4, the price is cheap. Therefore, in various types of glass roof, high-purity silicon brick become the first choice in the production process of glass.
Chemical attack by low temperature chemical reaction of common fly and alkali steam and refractory materials, and the change of crystal form and layout due to phase migration and temperature are the causes for the damage of the top tile. Symposium results show: Langzhong with good glass kiln, brick, under the influence of low temperature furnace alteration process is essentially due to impurity migration and miscellaneous phase change caused by chemical corrosion and melting of the basic can neglect. Phase change and pollution from the role of the furnace with a gradual transformation of function, its low-temperature function to improve.
2, pool wall
(1), and glass liquid warfare parts
Melting Department and the Department of cooling pool wall and glass liquid indirect warfare departments, was low temperature, chemical corrosion caused by the glass liquid and the activity caused by the physical washing machine, the site of the most intense fire-resistant materials premise is a good anti-corrosive liquid glass , At the same time can not contaminate the glass liquid.
Widely outside the domestic glass furnace fused zirconium corundum brick and α-β corundum brick, β corundum brick masonry. The low-level anti-glass solution of fused zirconia corundum brick has excellent performance, which is that it obtained cocrystal of orthoclase and α-Al2O3 with excellent corrosion resistance, which can not be obtained by sintering refractory materials, so that it can be used as a glass Kiln melting pool wall brick is unusually suitable. α-β corundum brick and β corundum brick tension phase is corundum, the glass phase content of only 1% -2%, has a good anti-corrosion function, and fused zirconia corundum brick function, because it does not contain ZrO2 crystals, The reaction layer viscosity is small, not too stable at low temperatures, so the brick and glass liquid outside the dispersion rate is relatively large, kiln lining damaged faster. However, when the furnace temperature is lower than 1350 ℃, the corrosion resistance of α-β corundum brick and β corundum brick is better than that of fused zirconia corundum brick. Is α-β corundum brick, β corundum brick in the temperature below 1350 degrees Celsius, the cooling unit and other parts of the relatively fire-resistant material.
(2), do not fight directly with the liquid glass parts
Melting Department and the Department of the cooling pool wall is not in direct contact with the liquid glass department (also called the chest wall), the region is nervous by the alkali steam and common material flushing, according to the differences in the plan, some applications Corundum material, and some use of silicon Brick, these two kinds of information to meet the request. Is hooked, straight brick often used in this area.

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