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The handling and storage of refractory bricks


 In the shipment of refractory bricks, should pay special attention to the occurrence of bumps, so as to avoid cracks and corner, affecting the quality of refractory bricks. So the handling must be refractory bricks and rice bandaged, in the handling process should be lightly put.

In order to facilitate the use, to avoid misuse, storage should be in accordance with the variety of firebrick, shape, different models were stacked. Each kind of refractory bricks should be in accordance with the actual needs of the necessary reserve. Storage should be dry, so as not to reduce the quality of refractory brick water.
After the refractory brick into the factory, should carry out verification and selection work, will not grid (if crack and corner) out. Validation of the important inspection of refractory bricks chemical composition, type, shape, whether the degree of compliance requirements, such as for refractoriness, resistance to rapid cooling, pressure and other experiments on the more difficult. On the proportion of refractory requirements of the error is not greater than 3 mm, such as the error is too large, will bring the puzzle to the puzzle, puzzle quality is also difficult to guarantee.
      The quality of refractory bricks is one of the key conditions to determine whether the kiln can operate safely all the year round. So pay attention to the handling of refractory bricks, good fire brick storage and verification work can not be ignored.
      The refractory bricks can fill the pores between the pig iron particles while forming a gel with the liquefied product, with the alkaline material magnesium oxide lining to form a gel. In the pig iron-based concrete, mortar and refractory castables, mixed with the amount of refractory bricks, refractory steel and castables should be made by the laboratory construction tacit ratio. In strict accordance with the tacit than construction. In the agitation of refractory steel, the refractory bricks should be added to the stirrer after the aggregate is put on. Refractory bricks in the composition process, due to the process of transition due to the effect of cortical tension, constitute non-crystalline amorphous spherical particles, and the cortex is quite clean, and some are a number of ball particles adhere to an example of the comon The It is a very much deeper than the skin layer, the activity is very high volcanic ash objects. Mixed with refractory bricks, fine spherical body can play a lubricating effect.


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