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Expanded graphite ceramic fiber paper

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  • Expanded graphite ceramic fiber paper
  • Expanded graphite ceramic fiber paper
  • Expanded graphite ceramic fiber paper
  • Expanded graphite ceramic fiber paper
■ Feature

Product Description: 
Expanded graphite ceramic fiber paper is made of selected aluminum silicate ceramic fiber cotton and expanded graphite as the main raw materials, through beating, mixing, adhesive, wet molding, drying, cutting, packaging and other processes.While maintaining the high temperature resistance, sealing, heat insulation, insulation and other excellent characteristics of ceramic fiber paper, it overcomes the drawback of ceramic fiber shrinkage in high temperature. When the temperature is heated to 500 degrees, obvious expansion effect begins to appear until the expansion to 2-6 times of the original product.Due to the high expansion rate of heat, the space is tightly sealed to ensure excellent sealing effect.Widely used in automobile, industrial furnace, electrical insulation sealing.

♦Automobile muffler expansion type heat insulation material, exhaust pipe heat insulation material;
♦Various industrial furnaces and ladle high temperature sealing and thermal insulation materials;
♦Electrical insulation and sealing heat insulation materials for industrial electric furnaces;
♦Furnace door and furnace body expansion joint sealing material;
♦High temperature sealing gasket;
♦Electrical sealing and thermal insulation material.
♦The machine noise.

♦ Low shot content;
♦ No organic matter: direct contact with flame, high temperature and heat radiation;
♦ One time one-piece forming,accurate size.
♦ Extremely low thermal conductivity: only half that of traditional ceramic fibreboard;
♦ Heat shrinkable, no deformation at high temperature, cutting and drilling, convenient construction.
♦ High compressive strength: the strength does not change after high temperature sintering;
♦ Energy saving and environmental protection: high temperature, smokeless, tasteless and in line with environmental protection requirements.

■ Technical Data

Product name

Expanded graphite ceramic fiber paper



Density kg/m3



2-3times,other can customized








Other size can customized



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