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Sintered magnesium aluminum spinel products aftermarket instructions


 Sintered magnesium aluminum spinel has good resistance to erosion, abrasion resistance, thermal shock stability. Its main purpose: First, instead of magnesium chrome sand production of magnesium aluminum spinel brick for cement rotary kiln, not only to avoid the pollution of chromium and has a good anti-peeling; the second is used to make ladle castable, greatly improve the steel Lining resistance to erosion. Making it widely used in refractory materials for steelmaking. The preparation of high quality pre-synthetic spinel provides new raw materials for the production of amorphous and shaped high purity refractories.

First, sintered magnesium aluminum spinel packaging, logo, transport, storage and quality certificate:
1, the sintered magnesium aluminum spinel packaging, marking, transportation, storage and quality certificate according to YB / T5142 provisions.
2, sintered magnesium aluminum spinel transport must be clean, and there are rain, snow facilities. Spinel transport process must be protected against moisture and pollution, so as not to affect product quality.
3, sintered magnesium aluminum spinel must be stored in a dry, ventilated from the wet of the Treasury, to avoid the phenomenon of damp caking, affecting the use and performance.


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